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Terms & Conditions

Upon acceptance of service provided by Evefinity LLP (hereby referred to as “The Company”), the accepting party (hereby referred to as “The Customer”) agrees to abide to the terms and conditions as outlined below:


1. No sharp and/or hard objects are to be worn/carried by users of the bouncy castle.
2. Footwear is to be taken off before entering the bouncy castle, socks are acceptable.
3. The Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages due to improper use of bouncy castle.
4. The Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages due to rowdiness, violence, and/or any actions from any user of the bouncy castle.
5. The Company is not responsible for any issues regarding the on-site power source(s).
6. The Company is not responsible for insufficient space and/or power source(s).
7. The Company reserves the right to claim damages from the The Customer in the event of equipment damage due to non-compliance of the rules and recommendations set by The Company.


1. Upon completion of service, the payment amount as agreed between The Company and The Customer is final.
2. Payment can be made via cash, cheque (made payable to Evefinity LLP) or bank transfer.
3. Payment terms is set at 30 calendar days from the date of event (Last day of service for multiple days)
4. Payment terms can only be extended by signed approval from The Company and under specific circumstances.
5. Failure to pay within 30 calendar days from the event date will result in an additional late payment fee of S$100.00 for every month unpaid, per unpaid invoice. (1 month will be counted from the first day of late payment)
6. Failure to pay for extended periods (more than 3 calendar months) can also result in possible legal action undertaken by The Company to recover monies owed to them by The Customer.